What is CIMR® Infection Control Technology?

CIMR® Infection Control Technology continuously disinfects (while patients, staffs, and visitors are present) viruses, bacteria, mold, VOC's and other fungi by producing 0.02 ppm of dry hydrogen peroxide gas from oxygen and humidity that already exists in the air, requiring no consumable supplies and is inexpensive to operate and install. 

We know of no other technology that is continuous, ozone-free, and safe to use constantly in the presence of humans, animals, and other life forms. 

CIMR is the most comprehensive technology available and oxidizes the smallest known microbes. 

Ductwork 1500

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DUCTWORK Application: Residential/Commercial HVAC systems
Electrical: 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz Watts: 19
Mechanical: Bulb monitoring system
Dimensions: From 9.62"H x 9.62" W x 7.48" L to 11"H x 11" W x 17" L
Weight: From 4 lbs.
Coverage: 1,600 square feet


The CIMR Duct Work series provide continuous air disinfectant for large residential or commercial areas. The CIMR Duct Work Series offers units that easily installs into any home or office duct work. This ductwork insert specific product is designed for residential or commercial HVAC systems covering up to 1,500 square feet.

Please note that square foot capacity and sizing is based on 8 - 10 foot ceiling heights. Please contact Covid Response Solutions for advice regarding unique applications. Many models are made in the United States of America.

What is the advantage of using What is the advantage of using CIMR ® Infection Control Technology? Infection Control Technology?

Since CIMR® Infection Control Technology uses gaseous hydrogen peroxide disinfection process it provides aggressive infection control strategies to combat various types of contamination.

Learn more about CIMR® Infection Control Technology and more CIMR Tech. 


cimr 320

CIMR 320

Commercial HVAC Air Purification Enhancement System

Ductwork 8000


Ductwork 4000


CIMR 414


Plug-in CIMR 500

Ductwork 1500

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